Basic Information

First Day on Tech Campus

Here is some useful information to get you started on your first day on the Georgia Tech campus. You can download the PDF version here. [ Read more...]

Housing Information

We are providing this list to help you find an apartment in the area near Georgia Tech. If you are planning to live in campus housing, then your arrangements are set, and you should contact the housing office if you need information. You can download the PDF version here. [ Read more...]

American Manners, Customs, and Strange Habits or What the Tourist Books Didn't Tell You

Every culture has its own ways of doing things. There is usually a reason but that is not always apparent. Sometimes the "natives" do not observe the customs and manners but they know them anyway and it's good for people coming into the culture to know about them. So, here goes… [ Read more...]

A Brief History of Atlanta in Ten Steps

  1. At the end of the Appalachian Mountain chain
    Visit: Dahlonega, GA. [ site of America's first gold rush ], Helen, GA. Both are about one hour north of Atlanta. There are several state parks, which allow camping in this area. [Read more... ]