Housing Information

We are providing this list to help you find an apartment in the area near Georgia Tech. If you are planning to live in campus housing, then your arrangements are set, and you should contact the housing office if you need information. You can download the PDF version here.

If you plan to live in some place other than campus housing, the attached lists may be helpful to you. The information has been collected from students and scholars who are currently living off campus, and from informal surveys of the area. We suggest you visit websites and contact people before you arrive in Atlanta so that you can make arrangements quickly after you arrive.

We want you to know that we don’t have experience with these rentals and we are not recommending a particular person or place. We are giving you information to help you search for the type of apartment that suits you best.

On good source of leads is the GTCFA Email Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gtcfa/). This site has individual advertisements from Chinese students and scholars. Some listings are for apartments and rooms which Chinese students are offering. Get on the distribution and you will receive an email each day.

There are five primary areas where students and scholars live while they are at Georgia Tech:

Campus Housing (Contact the housing office)

Campus housing is most convenient and provides good service. Most students and scholars live in the Graduate Living Center (GLC) or the Tenth-Home Apartments. GLC is for single individuals; Tenth-home rents apartments which people can share. You can walk or ride shuttle buses to all locations on campus.

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The Home Park Area

Home Park is on the northern edge of the campus, and there are many different types of apartments. Each is rented by a private owner and you must contact that person individually. The spreadsheet below gives contact information which you may call to talk with rental agents. You should ask the apartment owner about location, costs, and lease terms. You can walk or ride shuttle buses to all locations on campus. One company has a website: (http://www.homeparkrentals.com). This site will give you some pictures of the types of houses that are available and the prices. It appears that these prices are for the whole house. Several people may be able to share the cost.

There are a number of signs that say “rental available” in the area. You should be able to select from several different types of situations. Some of these rentals are for individual rooms and others rent the entire house. You should call each of the contacts listed and ask what they have available, the price, and if utilities are separate or included in the price. There are many different prices, locations and apartment sizes being offered. All of these locations are in Home Park, and are within walking distance of the campus.

Renter Contact Cell Phone Number
Marc Oppenheimer email: oppy@mindspring.com
Danny and Lillie Grimes 404-321-5740
No Name Given on Sign (Several apartments offered) 404-580-9764
No Name Given on Sign (Several apartments offered) 770-572-4030
No Name Given on Sign 770-900-8828
No Name Given on Sign 404-310-2483
No Name Given on Sign 678-592-6553
No Name Given on Sign 404-892-7090
No Name Given on Sign 678-596-3116
No Name Given on Sign 678-523-8213
No Name Given on Sign 770-451-9918
No Name Given on Sign 404-735-4410
No Name Given on Sign 404-993-6973
No Name Given on Sign 404-863-0500
No Name Given on Sign 919-542-1950
No Name Given on Sign 404-663-4013
No Name Given on Sign 404-349-9068
No Name Given on Sign 770-461-5688
No Name Given on Sign 404-574-1400
Nels Vasden 404-422-0181
No Name Given on Sign 864-903-3297
No Name Given on Sign 770-554-0906
No Name Given on Sign 334-312-0031

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The Centennial Olympic Park Area

Centennial Olympic Park is on the southern edge of the campus and rents apartments which can be shared by individuals. You can walk or ride shuttle buses to all locations on campus. The contact for Centennial Olympic Park is:

Shelby Powell (404) 982 0772, Extension 31

Their website is www.centennialplaceapartments.com

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Off-Campus apartments

There are several off-campus apartments which lease to Tech students and scholars. One of the most popular is the Hartford Place apartments (http://www.hartfordplace.com). Hartford rents apartments which people can share. The apartments are roughly 3 KM from the Tech campus. There is some bus service, and it is possible to walk, but we recommend that you have a car and drivers’ license before renting an apartment at Hartford. Most of the affordable apartments near Tech are too far for walking every day, and public transportation is limited.

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710 Peachtree Street

710 Peachtree Street is east of the campus but within walking distance. The website is www.710peachtree.com . The website gives complete information on the location, cost, etc.

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