First Day on Tech Campus

You can download the PDF version here.

Before you start the very first day, you should:

  • Know that this guide is designed to help save your time in registration and starting the basics of the Tech campus;
  • Bring at least your passport, I-94 and I-20 with you;
  • Take some cash for lunch & drink (between 10 and 20 US Dollars).
  • Suppose the tour starts from WCF on Bobby Dodd Way;
  • Follow the process below that has been tested before;
  • Refer to the OIE map whenever you are not sure of directions.
  1. OIE Registration
    Office of International Education

    Location: 631 Cherry Street, Savant Building, Room 211 – Building 7 on the map
    Duration: 20-30 minutes
    Go upslope all the way and turn left onto Cherry Street. Savant Building is close to
    the Tech Tower. You will be attended by student assistants, get OIE “What to do” list
    and registration.
    Tip: Arrive there at 8:30 am to start the day early and avoid the crowd.

  2. Buzz Card (student ID)
    Buzz Card Office

    Location: in the depth of the Mall – Building 13
    Duration: 10 Minutes
    Turn right on Cherry Street and then left on Ferst Drive. Go along the street till Student Center. Go down to the 1st floor, turn right and keep going all the way till you see the Buzz Card Office on your right. Take a picture and get your card (both free) there in 5 minutes.

  3. Bank Account
    Wachovia Bank Georgia Tech Branch (Open 9 AM to 4 PM)

    Location: Tech Parkway, opposite Student Center
    Duration: 1 hour +
    Go back to the 2nd floor and turn left out of the Student Center. Cross Ferst Drive and then Tech Parkway. The bank branch is right in front of you. Go in and tell the receptionist that you want to open a student account. Switch to No.5 if it’s crowded.

  4. Lunch
    Food Court

    Location: 2nd floor of Student Center – Building 15
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Now it’s about noontime. Go back to Student Center. Go straight and you will see the Food Court. It offers meals $2-6 dollars. Asian meals are expensive ($6 per bowl)

  5. Email Access
    Library Customer Support Center (Library Basement)

    Location: crossing of Cherry Street & Bobby Dodd Way – Building 12
    Duration: 5 minutes
    Go down to the 1st floor and go straight out of the Student Center. Go along the upslope and Library will be at your left. Once in, go down the stairs at your right to the basement. Turn left and seethe assistant at the Support Center. She will ask for your Buzz Card and print out a sheet that has your user name & password.

  6. Library Computer Login
    Library Computer Stations

    Location: Library West Commons – Building 12
    Duration: 5 minutes
    Go back to the 1st floor and walk into the inner door. Show your Buzz Card to the custodian and go to the 4 computers at the left counter. Follow the instructions on the printed sheet and change your password immediately.

  7. The Rest of the day
    • Access your GT mailbox @ webmail.mail.gatech.edu;
    • Make an appointment with your academic advisor by email;
    • Look for a room to live in by calling the numbers on the list we provide.

Questions? Call us at 404-378-5763 or 404-406-1946

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